Quanah Park offers a walk-on service to broodmare owners for the purpose of preparing mares for cover to stallions of their choice which stand within the boundaries of Bunbury to Muchea. Each mare is provided with the individual attention she requires to enhance her prospects of conception. Great importance is placed on her physical and mental well-being, a prerequisite for a content and therefore easier breeder.

Upon arrival at Quanah Park each mare (and foal if applicable) is quarantined for a short period of time, vaccinated, wormed and assessed before being placed within an environment suited to that individual.

Our preparation process for breeding includes

1. Presentation to the vet for assessment and swabbing. Should a particular course of action be required, we liaise with the mare owner prior to proceeding.

2. Liaising with the nominated stallion’s stud personnel re progression of mares cycle and booking her cover at the optimum time in that cycle.

3. Under veterinary advice we may, where necessary, administer medications to manipulate the oestrous cycle, medications to ensure a healthy reproductive environment prior to mating and post mating and to ensure timely ovulation.

4. Daily teasing for progressive assessment during the heat cycle.

5. We are very particular with regard to the cleanliness of the mare’s external and internal breeding areas and hindquarters prior to the actual mating and observe closely post mating, also essential.

6. Costs of transport to and from mare’s breeding destination.

7. Costs for personnel time for travel and handling of mare (and foal if applicable) at breeding destination and on return to Quanah Park.

8. In the event that the first cover is not successful and a follow-up cycle preparation is required, Quanah Park will only charge the cost of fuel for transport.

9. Quanah Park has a high success rate with difficult breeders.

10 Please be aware that we are very mindful of our client’s dollars and do what is necessary to achieve positive results.

Our fees for walk-on covers are on a Price On Application basis as location of the stud to be visited is a cost factor with a maximum charge of $350.00 plus GST.

All veterinary costs are charged by our professional service provider direct to the breeder. Our stud veterinarian is very close by should we encounter an urgent problem.

 Quanah Park agistment costs are NOT included in our “walk-on” service and are charged out monthly.

Farrier (and dental work if requested) is charged at the rate set by the professional service provider.

Boxes are available for mares and foals which may require intensive care and/or isolation. Small grass yards are also available.

You are most welcome to contact Trish or Rene’ des Bouvrie should you have any further questions.

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